“The petition received by Council demonstrates that a significant number of people in our community are concerned about the impacts of climate change. In addition, the attached report on the findings of a state-wide survey conducted by Sustainability Victoria in 2017, found that the majority of people believe that urgent action is required to reduce the impacts of climate change. The research employed independent expertise and robust survey methods to ensure reliable results that accurately reflect the views of the Victorian population as whole. The key findings in the Barwon Region were (source: CCSR Regional Report Barwon – Victorians’ Perception of Climate Change 2017 – Attachment 4):    94% of people say climate change exists and humans are contributing to it.  77% agree that climate change is an issue that requires urgent action now.  80% believe their actions can help reduce the impact of climate change.    The community want action on climate change from:  90% State Government  84% Local Government  93% Business & Industry  78% are willing to take action on climate change.  65% prefer to buy from businesses that show they are acting on climate change.”