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The global climate crisis is accelerating. The last five years are the warmest on record (World Meteorological Organisation).

Australia has already experienced increased frequency and severity of extreme weather events including floods and droughts, more severe and frequent bushfires, sea level rises, habitat destruction impacting massively on wildlife, as well as more frequent, more intense and longer heatwaves (Climate Council). These are just some of the alarming impacts. Furthermore, human health is being affected as is the precious biodiversity.

Change is already upon us whether we like it or not.

The international scientific consensus led by the United Nations gives the people of the world now only 10 years to radically slash greenhouse gas emissions for any hope of avoiding the most catastrophic impacts of global warming. We are all in this together and need to do our bit as a shire to respond to the crisis and grasp the multiple opportunities and enterprises arising in a lower-emissions/clean energy future.

We need urgent ACTION from our leaders proportionate to the emergency at hand, urgent action to minimise the impacts of everyone now and in the future. As with COVID-19, there is no time for denial, no time for wishful thinking, no time to waste!

And, there is no time for middle-of-the-road responses to questions in this survey; being ‘in the middle’ is why we’re in this situation of climate change: it’s enabled inaction and business-as-usual. Candidates are asked to make commitments via clear, decisive responses to critical questions about the Shire’s actions on behalf of the people and the environment.

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Priority Actions (Q 4-14)
Climate Change (Question 1)
Targets (Question 2)
Climate Change (Question 3)
Climate and Environment Challenges (Question15)
Climate and Environment Challenges (Question15)
Three highest priority areas (Question16)
Three highest priority areas (Question16)
Other comments (Question 17)
Other comments (Question 17)