It should be noted that the suggestions herein are expected to be more or less cost-neutral as Colac Otway Council cannot be expected to incur sudden, major, and / or long-term expenses.

Direct Action

  • Continue with LED lighting program in both street lighting and in council buildings (due to its longer economic life, and its being half the power cost of fluorescent lighting and one fifth or less of the cost of incandescent lighting).
  • Install more photovoltaic system on council buildings where roof space allows (potentially to facilitate the inexpensive charging of electric vehicles).
  • Buy or lease electric vehicles as soon as the economics of doing so even comes close to the equivalent internal combustion engine vehicles, initially passenger vehicles, but later including trucks, graders, etc. (Initial purchase may be higher, but fuel costs and maintenance will be lower, and the resale will probably be higher)
  • Change planning requirements for new [or substantially upgraded] houses to have improved passive energy efficiency (to reduce the necessity for large heating and cooling systems – go for, say, 7 stars as opposed to the current 6 stars minimum).
  • Revise planning limitations to allow clearing trees from around rural dwellings (as a bushfire damage mitigation measure).
  • Institute glass recycling bins at all domestic residences with a garbage collection service, and at all public venues.
  • Require recycled plastic as a proportion (20%?) of hotmix tarmac used in the Shire (due to its being more flexible, more robust, and no more expensive).
  • Provide active planning support for energy / water efficient technologies (such as the Barwon Water / Bulla / AKD / ALC energy sharing project).
  • Allow and promote rainwater collection, storage and household use in both new and older domestic dwellings.
  • Apply a 5% rate reduction for households with electric vehicles.

Support / Advocacy

  • Encourage VicRoads to use LED lighting in street lamps on roads that are its responsibility throughout Colac Otway Shire.
  • Promote minimum tillage agriculture (as a carbon sink and giving rise to improved soil structure, enhanced soil organic matter, and lower soil erosion).
  • Promote gradual replacement of timber power poles with concrete or galvanised steel.  Encourage underground cabling in extreme fire risk areas.
  • Push for the gradual installation of photovoltaic generation systems to all public housing.
  • Be involved in schemes to improve recycling, notably of plastics initially, but also glass, e-waste and metals.
  • Encourage the use of electricity for domestic heating and cooling (it’s cheaper than gas or firewood, and less polluting, especially with the rise of renewable energy resources).

PV Schemes

Shire-wide Council-led Solar Photovoltaic and battery schemes

Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture is a great way to improve production, enhance income streams, improve biodiversity as well as reduce carbon in the atmosphere

Nature strip Enhancement

Urban greening refers to public landscaping and urban forestry projects that create mutually beneficial relationships between city dwellers and their environments.

Seaweed Cultivation

Research conducted in 2018 indicates that, on average, shoreline seaweed cultivation can sequester 57.64 tons CO2 per ha per year.

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